Property Preservation Services

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Preservation And Maintenance

Our primary goal is to protect and maintain the property. We conduct a through inspection, confirm that the property is vacant and then change the exterior locks. Broken windows are boarded, pools and other potential hazards are taken care of and the property is thoroughly secured in accordance with investor, insurer and client guidelines. Winterization is also performed if applicable and final reports are generated with supporting documentation, photos and details.

Property Preservation & Maintenance

August & Suttles  Contractors works through out the Houston and surrounding areas to help ensure the properties are preserved and maintained in a manner that complies not only with investors and regulatory guidelines but also with homeowner association (HOA), condo owner association (COA) and municipal codes and requirements. Our services secure the property, remove any debris, and conduct regular as well as seasonally required maintenance.

Property Preservation

August & Suttles Contractors will provide a full range of services which can be customized into packages that allow clients to choose the services that best suit their needs. We are continually focused on creating greater efficiencies in the preservation process resulting in faster turn times and reduced pre-marketing time for our clients.